Kathy DiFiore

Kathy DiFiore is the founder of the Several Sources Shelters. She received her undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Rochester in 1969. Ten years later, she received her her MBA from NYU and is currently studying for her doctorate in Education at the University of Phoenix online. From 1970 to 1978 she was a member of the NY State Advisory Committee to the U.S Civil Rights Committee. Her business career included holding the position of Personnel Director, American Express, Credit Card Division and Personnel Director at Degussa Chemicals Corporation.
In 1981, after spending some time homeless herself and following the end of an abusive marriage Kathy DiFiore chose to open up her home in New Jersey and turn it into a shelter for young mothers and their babies. In 2014, a movie based on a true story of a young women, Agnes ‘Apple’ Bailey, at one of the Several Sources Shelters shows the work and inspiration of Kathy called ‘Gimme Shelter’, staring the beautiful Vanessa Hudgens. A pregnant teen who runs away from her abusive, drug addicted mother and learns to break the bonds of her past and embrace her future after taking refuge at a shelter for homeless, pregnant youth.
Kathy is now operating four residential shelters in New Jersey for pregnant women. She has met with Mother Teresa on several occasions and in 1984 when Kathy’s work was threatened by a $10,000 fine from the state of NJ for operating an unlicensed boarding house, Mother Teresa wrote the governor which helped rescind the fine and change NJ laws so Kathy’s work for the preborn and their mothers would become legal.
Kathy has a book entitled ‘Gimme Love, Gimme Hope, Gimme Shelter’, which is the spiritual and real life story behind the film ‘Gimme Shelter’. She shares her experiences that led her to take great risks for others to ensure that she could provide for young mothers. Through her relationship with Mother Teresa, Kathy found support and courage take on these situations. She is now also working on a second book which is a study guide for the ‘Gimme Shelter’ movie.
Kathy has been award various awards including the NJ State Counsel of the Columiettes ‘Humanitarian of the Year Award’ and the ‘Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Award’ from the United Methodist Church of Newark. I, myself, want to be a Kathy DiFiore. She is an inspiration to me and I hope follow in her footsteps and accomplish some of the sames things she has. I want to help, lead, and make a huge impact and difference in the lives of others and my community. ‘Gimme Shelter’ is also one of my favorite movies and I encourage everyone to watch it. Also visit the Several Sources Shelters webpage if you are pregnant and would like to speak to a counselor .

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