The Interview

I recently chose to interview my boyfriend who unfortunately spent a majority of his youth in jail/prison. Him and I have know each other for years, since grade school. We have already had talks about the subject before hand but never focused too much on detail or on what’s next for him and the both of us as a couple. For the interview I’ve asked questions regarding his future, goals, and expectations for himself.  I am a bit interested in his past  but also how that experience has changed him and what I can do as his friend and girlfriend to further motivate him for a successful future.

  1. How would you describe your childhood self ?

Hardheaded ! I got myself into trouble both in school and out.

2. Entering your teen years, what did you see yourself doing or becoming ?

Honestly at that age I never even really thought about it. I didn’t think too much about my future. I just wanted to have fun.

3. What led you to make the decisions that ultimately put you in jail ?

Being so young, I was more worried about partying and having fun. I got so caught up with the crowd that I guess I forgot I had my own mind. By the time I realized that I was on the wrong track and just doing the wrong things it was too late.

4. If you could, would you go back and change the choices you’ve made, if so why?

To be honest sometimes I wish I could go back and do things a little differently by making better decisions. But, then again I believe that everything happens for a reason and that that was the consequence of me being young and dumb. You know, but no matter how much I wish I could go back, I can’t and i’m okay with that.

5. What are some of the goals you now have for yourself ?

I want to eventually go to college and be married and have a family. I want to get and hold a great job to support my family like a man should and be able to give my wife the world. I think that the biggest goal of mine though is to just be happy and to be able to make my mother proud.

6. What have you learned ?

Man, I’ve learned so much. Like where do I begin. I feel like prison really changes you in so many ways. I was able accept the fact that I was wrong for doing what I did. The pain I caused my family and the things they’ve had to go through, I still think about. I learned to be a man and how to succeed in life as a man the right ways. I let go of things, people, perceptions, negativity. I have gained a sense of responsibility and have learned not to hide my emotions because of what others may think about me. It’s been a really rough road but I manage to remain positive.

7. Would you say you are more mature, if so how ?

Of course. I know how to make decisions in life with balance between both reason and emotion.

8. What is your plan to fulfill your goals, despite your past ?

I don’t necessarily have a plan. I just live and go with the flow. I learned a long time ago that nothing goes as planned so I just go with the flow of things. I do try to make the best decisions for myself though, because I have my family and of course you to think about.

9. What motivates you ?

My mother, my older brother and sister, my nieces, my nephew, and you. You all are a constant reminder that I have to do better in order to live better.

10. How are you ? Would you say that you are currently on the right path ?

I am good. I mean it’s tough because many people look me and see me as a criminal. But I have so much to offer, so many things I want to accomplish, and at the end of the day I am a good man who is human and who has made mistakes but had also learned from that. So I will remain positive and I will always be good.


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