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I loved this entry because I found it to be so true. The time men have spent behind bars shouldn’t be celebrated but reflected upon and very seriously thought about.


This entry was a good read to me simply because mass incarceration is a social issue that I find a lot of interest in. It not only effects the incarcerated person but the family also.


Reading this entry made me a bit sad. Iincarcerated youth and adults have been hurt so deeply that they look for an escape in illegal activity and drug use. Their way of seeking attention.or a temporary leave of pain.

A. I recently came across a powerful music video about drug and alcohol addiction entitled ‘Drug Dealer’ by Macklemore . It was extremely touching and opened my eyes to the struggles of addiction that even celebrities face. They are human and regular people too.

B. Macklemore’s ‘starting over’ is another video on drug addiction, which is another social issue I am most interested in.

C. ‘Otherside’ by Macklemore. Yet another music video based on addiction. I love all three videos because they are powerful and are of an area I am most interested in. They promote social change.

Recovery is key.


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